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Available from EMP Games


Lost Horizon
The Pineapple Pygmy Tribe

LH105: Pineapple Tribe Chiefs
EMPGames-LH105-01.jpg EMPGames-LH105-02.jpg

LH106: Pineapple Tribe w/ Spears

EMPGames-LH106-01.jpg EMPGames-LH106-02.jpg

EMPGames-LH106-03.jpg EMPGames-LH106-04.jpg

LH107: Pineapple Tribe w/ Axes

EMPGames-LH107-01.jpg EMPGames-LH107-02.jpg

EMPGames-LH107-03.jpg EMPGames-LH107-04.jpg

LH108: Pineapple Tribe w/ Blowpipes

EMPGames-LH108-01.jpg EMPGames-LH108-02.jpg

EMPGames-LH108-03.jpg EMPGames-LH108-04.jpg

LH109: Pineapple Tribe Pecker Riders

EMPGames-LH109-01.jpg EMPGames-LH109-02.jpg