Fighting Fantasy

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These 60mm plastic Dwarf figures were produced to go with the Penguin Books series written by Games Workshop founders Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone

Fearless Dwarf

FF.Head-01.jpg FF.Head-03.jpg FF.Head-04.jpg FF.Head-05.jpgSpacer3k.jpg

FF.Head-06.jpg FF.Head-02.jpg


FFANT01.jpg FFANT02.jpg FFANT03.jpgSpacer3k.jpg
Spacer3k.jpgFF13 BodySpacer3k.jpgFF14 BodySpacer3k.jpgFF15 BodySpacer3k.jpg

FF4-6 Shield 1.jpg FF.ShieldDesign-2.jpg.jpg FF4-6 Shield 3.jpg FF.ShieldDesign-4.jpgSpacer3k.jpg
Spacer3k.jpgShield 1Spacer3k.jpgShield 2Spacer3k.jpgShield 3Spacer3k.jpgShield 4Spacer3k.jpg

FF.Accessory-Sprue-1.jpg FF.Accessory-Sprue-2.jpg FF4-6 Shield 5.jpg Spacer3k.jpg FF14.Pack-01.jpgSpacer3k.jpg
Silver sprueSpacer3k.jpgGolden SprueSpacer3k.jpgRed SprueSpacer3k.jpg