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<font size="3">''' [[Manufacturers| <font color="red"> Return to Manufacturers Index]]<font color="black">'''<br>
Available from [http://www.gidran.co.uk/shop/ Gidran Miniatures]
Available from [http://www.gidran.co.uk/shop/ Gidran Miniatures]
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[[file:Gidran-Dwarf casualty marker.jpg|250px]]
[[file:Gidran-Dwarf casualty marker.jpg|350px]] [[file:Gidran-Dwarf-packaging.jpg|261px]]
'''Dwarf casualty marker'''
'''Dwarf casualty marker / objective marker - 30mm diameter'''

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Available from Gidran Miniatures


Gidran-Dwarf casualty marker.jpg Gidran-Dwarf-packaging.jpg

Dwarf casualty marker / objective marker - 30mm diameter