Half Men

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Half Men

HM010: Half Man mounted Paladin


HM001: Half Men with Swords

Comprising: 2 of each Swordsman

HM002: Half Men with Bows

Comprising: 2 of each Bowman, & 1 Slinger

Half01.jpg HalfBow04.jpg

Half02.jpg Half05.jpg Half09.jpg

HM003 Half Man Command Group

HM004: Half Men Artillery

Gren-1472a.jpg Gren-1472b.jpg Gren-1472c.jpg Gren-1472d.jpg

Gren-1472e.jpg Gren-1472f.jpg Gren-1472g.jpg Gren-1472h.jpg

HM006: Half Men Cavalry

Half25.jpg Half26.jpg

HM007: Half Men with Spears...HM008: Half Men with Swords

Comprising: 5 Spearmen.....................5 Swordsmen

HM009: Half Men Chariot

(8 pcs)

9216a.jpg 9216b.jpg