Hasslefree Grymn: Heavy Infantry

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Grymn: Heavy Infantry

Sold Individually or in Squad packs

HFG5000: Heavy Infantry Squad (Bareheaded)

Hass-HFG001.jpg Hass-HFG002.jpg Hass-HFG003.jpg Hass-HFG004.jpg Hass-HFG005.jpg Spacer3k.jpg

HFG5001: Heavy Infantry Squad (Enviro suit)

Hass-HFG006.jpg Hass-HFG007.jpg Hass-HFG008.jpg Hass-HFG009.jpg Hass-HFG010.jpg Spacer3k.jpg

HFG5002: Heavy Infantry Squad (Helmeted)

Hass-HFG011.jpg Hass-HFG012.jpg Hass-HFG013.jpg Hass-HFG014.jpg Hass-HFG015.jpg Spacer3k.jpg

HFL200 - Sci-Fi Conversion pack

Hass-HFL200-sprue1.jpg Hass-HFL200-sprue2.jpg