Mantic Games - Dungeon Saga

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Trade items

Mantic-DungeonSaga-Kings Quest1.jpg

Spacer3m.jpgRordin, Dwarf FighterSpacer3m.jpgBartender Hordin w/ Gnasher
Mantic-Rordin-01.jpg Spacer3m.jpg Mantic-Hordin-01.jpg

Grund, Undead Dwarf KingSpacer3m.jpgDwarf Revenant ZombieSpacer3m.jpg
Mantic-Grund-01.jpg Spacer3m.jpg Mantic-Revenant-01.jpg

Spacer3m.jpgGunn the Dwarf Engineer Spacer3m.jpg Samgone, The Halfling Ranger
800x800.jpg Spacer3m.jpg 800x800.jpg

Tyrant of Halpi expansion

Ally McSween, Halfling Thief Spacer3m.jpg Logan Mialsson, Halfling Fighter
800x800.jpg Spacer3m.jpg 800x800.jpg