Oathsworn: Clan McFiggin - Dwarf Brewers

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Available from the Oathsworn Kickstarter

OathswornLogo4.jpg OathswornPoster1.jpg
Sculpted by Michael Lovejoy

Clan McFiggin - Dwarf Brewers

Set 1 Pledge

Oathsworn-Heather.jpg Oathsworn-Duncan.jpg Oathsworn-Hamish.jpg Oathsworn-Pipes.jpg
Heather McFiggin Spacer3m.jpg Down in one Duncan McFiggin Spacer3m.jpg Hamish McFiggin Spacer3m.jpg Pipes McFiggin

Set 2 Pledge

Oathsworn-Morag.jpg OldMcFiggin.jpg Oathsworn-Donald.jpg Oathsworn-Angus.jpg
Spacer3m.jpg Morag McFiggin Spacer3m.jpg Old McFiggin Master Brewer Spacer3m.jpg Dead(Drunk) Donald McFiggin Spacer3m.jpg Mad Angus McFiggin

Set 3 Pledge

Oathsworn-Ancient.jpg Oathsworn-Connor.jpg Oathsworn-Dougal.jpg Oathsworn-Fraser.jpg
Ancient McFiggin Spacer3m.jpg Connor McFiggin Spacer3m.jpg Wee Dougal McFigginSpacer3m.jpg Big Fraser McFiggin