The Soldier Factory

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The Soldier Factory, was an offshoot of Jack Scruby's Toy Soldiers

The Middle Earth Series 54mm
Sculpted by Phil Hauser... Pre-painted

TSF-Frodo.F-6.jpg TSF-Bill.F-17.jpg TSF-Sam.F-7.jpg

F-6 FrodoSpacer3k.jpgF-17 Bill the PonySpacer3k.jpgF-7 Sam

TSF-Merry.F-8.jpg TSF-Gimli.F-5.jpg TSF-Pippin.F-9.jpg
Spacer3k.jpgF-8 MerrySpacer3k.jpgF-5 GimliSpacer3k.jpgF-9 Pippin

TSF-Bilbo.F-18.jpg TSF-The RiddleGame.F-15.jpg TSF-Gollum.F-19.jpg
Spacer3k.jpgF-18 BilboSpacer3k.jpgF-15 The Riddle GameSpacer3k.jpgF-19 Gollum

F-22 Bilbo w/ Book