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Available from Warrior Miniatures
Trade items

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25mm Dragon Fantasy

(size actually, closer to 30mm)

DF146 Spacer4.jpg DF145
Warrior.Minis-DF146.jpg Warrior.Minis-DF145.jpg
Dwarf Standard Bearer w/ sword Spacer4.jpg Dwarf Musician w/ sword Spacer4.jpg

DF142 Spacer4.jpg DF141
Warrior.Minis-DF142.jpg Warrior.Minis-DF141.jpg
Dwarf w/ Sword & Shield Spacer4.jpg Dwarf w/ Spear & Shield

DF143 Spacer4.jpg DF144
Warrior.Minis-DF143.jpg Warrior.Minis-DF144.jpg
Dwarf w/ Axe & Shield Spacer4.jpg Dwarf w/ Longbow Spacer4.jpg