Avatars of War - Metal Dwarfs

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Available from Avatars of War
Trade items

Sculpted by Felix Paniagua
Painted by Johan Kølkjær

Exclusive Battle Standard Bearer
Re-released as Dwarf Battle Std Bearer AoW50

Avatar-EB.StdBearer2.jpg Avatar-EB.StdBearer1.jpg Avatar-EB.StdBearer3.jpg
Metal figure w/ resin banners
Two banner sets w/ pole extension, can be used as a double or single banner display

AoW01 Spacer3m.jpg Spacer3m.jpg
AVAT1.jpg Avatars-Borg-LE.jpg
Dragon Seeker w/ 2 Weapons Spacer3m.jpg 'Borg Ironfist' Slayer Lord LE
Spacer3m.jpg Spacer3m.jpgVallejo-AoW paint set

Avatar-AoW009a.jpg Avatar-AoW009b.jpg
Dwarf Thane w/ Handgun & alternative Axe & Pipe (6pcs)

Resin solid base version of unknown origin ?
Donated by Gary & Aly Karnatz
ResinThane-F.jpg ResinThane-R.jpg ResinThane-AlternateWeapon.jpg
With pipe mounted, and alternative Axe weapon (4pcs) + 20mm base

Bor Dragonbane, Dragon Seeker (4pcs)

AVAT31.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AOW-039.jpg
Lord of Chaos (3pcs) Spacer3m.jpgRune Master (2pcs)

AOW51.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AOW53.jpg
Dwarf Thane w/ pistol Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf Rangers Champion

FW2001.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AoW36.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AoWME066.jpg
3 20px Duergar Blacksmith Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf Noble Spacer3m.jpg Doomcrushers Champion

AoW21.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AoWME065.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AoWME068.jpg
Dwarf Thain w/ Hand Weapon Spacer3m.jpg Champion of the King's Guard Spacer3m.jpg Champion of the Deep Watch

AoW055.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AoWEX02.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AoWME072.jpg
Dwarf Master Gunner Engineer Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf Master Gunner w/ 2 pistols Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf Rune Master Spacer3m.jpg
Early Bird Special
Thunder Warriors regiment

AoW091.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AoW057.jpg Spacer3m.jpg AoW067.jpg
Spacer3m.jpgDwarf Master Mason Spacer3m.jpg Daemon Seeker w/ Great Weapon Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf Pit Fighter Spacer3m.jpg
w/ alternative hairstyle

AoW096a.jpg AoW096b.jpg AoW096c.jpg
Whirling Chains Spacer3m.jpg Paired Weapons Spacer3m.jpg Great Weapon
Female Dragon - Vengeance Seeker (kit)

AoW106.jpg AoW106-R.jpg
Dwarf Thane w/ great shield