Black Raven Foundry

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Available from Old Glory 15s
Trade items


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FO12-8 General & Heroes

Dwarf General

FO12-8-02.jpg FO12-8-01.jpg FO12-8-03.jpg

FO12-10: Dwarf Command

Many thanks to Jeff Kimmel, for his help with these guys


FO12-10-03.jpg FO12-10-04.jpg FO12-10-05.jpg FO12-10-06.jpg

FO1-1 Dwarven War Wagon

(including 2 Bolt shooters w/ crews)


180px 180px 180px 180px

FO1-2: Dwarven Catapult


FO1-2-Catapult-02.jpg FO1-2-Catapult-03.jpg FO1-2-Catapult-04.jpg FO1-2-Catapult-05.jpg

FO4-2: Dwarven Bolt Shooters

FO4-2-01a.jpgSpacer3k.jpgFO4-2-00.jpg Spacer3k.jpgFO4-2-01b.jpg

C FO4-2-01c.jpgSpacer3k.jpgFO4-2-01d.jpg Spacer3k.jpgFO4-2-01e.jpg

FO24-4: Dwarven Bowmen

FO24-4-01.jpg FO24-4-02.jpg FO24-4-03.jpg

FO48-4: Dwarven Melee Troops

FO48-4-01.jpg FO48-4-02.jpg FO48-4-03.jpg FO48-4-04.jpg

FO48-4-05.jpg FO48-4-06.jpg FO48-4-07.jpg FO48-4-08.jpg

FO57: Dwarves Cavalry

FO57-01.jpg FO57-02.jpg FO57-03.jpg

FO57-04.jpg FO57-05.jpg FO57-06.jpg