Black Tree Dwarven Holds

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Available from Black Tree Design
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Dwarves of Erewhon

Dwarves of the Black Mountain


Spacer3k.jpgFA0967a: AngrimSpacer3k.jpgFA0967b: LudgrinSpacer3k.jpgFA0967c: Edruin Ironfist

Dwarves of the Iron Hills

(AKA: FA77971 Iron Hills Dwarfs Regiment)

FA0970a.jpg FA0970b.jpg FA0970c.jpg

FA0970a: Dahruin DragonheartSpacer3m.jpgFA0970b: OrmginSpacer3m.jpgFA0970c: Erdrin Spacer3m.jpg

Dwarf Slayers of Dragon's Peak Mountain

(AKA : FA77972 Dwarf Slayers Of Dragons Peak Regiment)

FA0973a.jpg FA0973b.jpg FA0973c.jpg

Spacer3k.jpgFA0973a: CommanderSpacer3k.jpgFA0973b: Std BearerSpacer3k.jpgFA0973c: Musician Spacer4.jpg

FA0971a.jpg FA0971b.jpg FA0971c.jpg

FA0972a.jpg FA0972b.jpg FA0972c.jpg

Dwarven Handgunners of Gelvarden

(AKA: FA77974 Dwarven Gelvarden Handgunner Regiment)


FA0976b: CaptainSpacer3k.jpgFA0976a: StandardSpacer3k.jpgFA0976c: Musician