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Lords, Heroes and Heroines

99110205088-HighKing-Thorgrim.R.jpg 99110205088-HighKing-Thorgrim.L.jpg

High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer


GW-020500106.jpg GW-020500107.jpg
GW-020500108.jpg GW-020500109.jpg

GW-99060205005.jpg Spacer3k.jpg GW-99060205006.jpg Spacer3k.jpg GW-99060205007.jpg

Spacer3m.jpg 99060205005 Spacer3m.jpg 99060205006 Spacer3m.jpg 99060205007
Spacer3m.jpg"Kazador" Spacer3m.jpg "Ungrim Ironfist" Spacer3m.jpg "Burlock Damminson"
Spacer3m.jpg King of Karak Azul Spacer3m.jpg King of Karak Kadrin Spacer3m.jpg Engineer Guildmaster

GW-99060205109-Blister.jpg Spacer3m.jpg GW-99060205109.jpg

"Josef Bugman"
Master Brewer

GW-99060205013.jpg Spacer3k.jpg GW-99060205008.jpg Spacer3k.jpg GW-99060205078.jpg

Spacer3m.jpg 99060205013 Spacer3m.jpg 99060205008 Spacer3m.jpg 99060205078
0px"Helga" Spacer3m.jpg "Kragg the Grim" Spacer3m.jpg -:- Spacer3m.jpg
Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf Queen Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf Runelord Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf Lord Spacer3m.jpg


99060205088-1.jpg 99060205088-2.jpg 99060205088-3.jpg
King Alrik of Karak-Hirn

Lords, Heroes and Heroines (Plastic Kits)

180px 180px 180px
Grombrindal. Dragon Slayer
Sprue 99380205010 - 2012

180px 180px 180px
Belegar Ironhammer. Warden King stood on Oathstone
Sprue 99380205012 - 2012

180px 180px 180px 180px
Runelord. Dwarfs Dispossessed
Sprue 99380205014 - 2013

GW-Grimm-Cogsmith1.jpg 180px 180px
Grimm Burloksson. Cogsmith Master Engineer
Sprue 99380205015 - 2013

180px 180px 180px

180px 180px 180px

180px 180px 180px

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