Dear Tony Blair

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Available from The Little Soldier Company


Kindly donated by the Dozing Dragon
Bob Olley

DearTonyBlair-DTB01.jpg Spacer3m.jpg DearTonyBlair-DTB02.jpg

Tony Spacer3m.jpg Mags
Evil Duergar Dwarf Princeling Spacer3m.jpg Evil Duergar Dwarf Queen of the Damned


Underking David
Pursuant of Charm w/ Party Political pig’s head Demonic Familiar

DearTonyBlair-Putin.jpg Spacer3m.jpg DearTonyBlair-Obama.jpg

Putin Spacer3m.jpg Obama
Lord Of all He Surveys Spacer3m.jpg Resolute in Despair

DearTonyBlair-Merkel.jpg Spacer3m.jpgDearTonyBlair-Theresa.jpg

Merkel Spacer3m.jpg Theresa
Spacer3m.jpgOpener of Gateways Spacer3m.jpg Infernal Voice of Confusion

DearTonyBlair-Sad do.jpg Spacer3m.jpgDearTonyBlair-Gaddo.jpg

Sad Do Spacer3m.jpg Gaddo
Deserted Warrior Spacer3m.jpg Despoiler of Realms

DearTonyBlair-Bern.jpg Spacer3m.jpgDearTonyBlair-Kim-Do.jpg

Bern Spacer3m.jpg Kim Do
Socialist Lord of Change Spacer3m.jpg Inference of Might Spacer3m.jpg

DearTonyBlair-Trump.jpg Spacer3m.jpg DearTonyBlair-Hilary.jpg

Trump Spacer3m.jpg Hilary
Lord of Covfefe Spacer3m.jpg Angel of Surety

DearTonyBlair-Jezza.jpg Spacer3m.jpgDearTonyBlair-Bojo.jpg

Jezza Spacer3m.jpg Bojo
Bringer of Equality Spacer3m.jpg Crown Prince of Lies

DearTonyBlair-Jarem.jpg Spacer3m.jpgDearTonyBlair-Nigo.jpg

Jarem Spacer3m.jpg Nigo
Keeper of the Past Spacer3m.jpg Bringer of Mayhem


Keeper of the Past at rest