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Available from: EM-4
Trade items


Set 4: Dwarf Patrol (Pre-painted)

inherited from Grenadier Miniatures

9007 Dwarf Giant Cannon - (13pcs)

inherited from Grenadier Miniatures

Showing the 2 Spotter types issued
Gren-9007-1a.jpg Gren-9007-3.jpg Gren-9007-1b.jpg


Gren-9007-2.jpg Gren-9007-4.jpg

A412 Spacer3k.jpg A413 Spacer3k.jpg A414 Spacer3k.jpg

9001 Dwarf General's War Council - (15pcs)

inherited from Grenadier Miniatures - by Nick Lund

Gren.2022-01.jpg Gren.2022-04.jpg Spacer3k.jpg

Gren.GP-9203-02.jpg Gren.GP-9203-03.jpg Gren.GP-9203-04.jpg Gren.GP-9203-05.jpg Spacer3k.jpg
A229 Spacer3k.jpg A231 Spacer3k.jpg A228 Spacer3k.jpg A230

Elfsera Fantasy Characters (sold Pre-painted)

Set 1: The Adventurers

Fantasy Warriors: Halflings (sold Pre-painted)

Fantasy Plastics