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Available from Tony at East Riding Miniatures


Supplier of Dwarf miniatures, originally Mythic 25mm 'Fantasy Figures' inherited from Lancashire Games

25mm ERM Miniatures Mythic Worlds Fantasy Dwarves


FD16: Dwarf Land Yacht

ERM.FD16b.jpg Spacer3k.jpg ERM.FD16c.jpg

Spacer3k.jpgDwarf Driver Spacer3k.jpg Guard w/ Crossbow

'The Goodies'
15mm ERM Miniatures
Sculpted by Paul Jones
Kindly donated by East Riding Miniatures

FT49: Dwarven Command
ERM.FT50.jpg Spacer3k.jpg ERM.FT51.jpg
Spacer3k.jpgFT50: w/ SpearsSpacer3k.jpgFT51: w/ Axes & Warhammers
FT53: Dwarven Command
ERM.FT52.jpg Spacer3k.jpg ERM.FT56.jpg
Spacer3k.jpgFT52: Archers loadingSpacer3k.jpgFT56: Archers shooting
ERM.FT57.jpg Spacer3k.jpg ERM.FT58.jpg Spacer3k.jpg ERM.FT59.jpg
FT57: Arquebusiers shootingSpacer3k.jpgFT57: Arquebusiers loadingSpacer3k.jpgFT59: CrossbowmenSpacer3k.jpg
FT60: Dwarven King, Cleric & Heroes
ERM.FT61.jpg Spacer3k.jpg ERM.FT62.jpg
FT61: Militia w/ Spears & ShieldsSpacer3k.jpgFT62: Militia w/ Axes & Warhammers
FT63: Militia w/ Swords & Clubs