Fortress Figures - Resin

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All sculpted by Ben Rodman Spacer3k.jpg Painted by Tim Olsen

FFFD-001.jpg FFFD-002.jpg

FFFD-003.jpg FFFD-004.jpg

BD001: Dwarven Melee

FF.Norse-001.jpg FF.Norse-002.jpg FF.BD-003.jpg Spacer3k.jpg

BD002aSpacer3k.jpgBD002b Spacer3k.jpgBD003Spacer3k.jpg

Norse Dwarf 1 w/ Axe & ShieldSpacer3k.jpgNorse Dwarf w/ Sword & ShieldSpacer3k.jpgNorse Dwarf w/ Spear & ShieldSpacer3k.jpg

FF.BD004.jpg FF.BD005.jpg FF.BD006.jpg Spacer3k.jpg


Norse Dwarf w/ Spear & ShieldSpacer3k.jpgNorse Dwarf w/ short BowSpacer3k.jpgNorse Dwarf w/ Sword & ShieldSpacer3k.jpg

FF.BD011a.jpg SpacerX-001b.jpg FF.BD012.jpg Spacer3k.jpg


Underworld Dwarf 1 w/ BlunderbussSpacer3k.jpgUnderworld Dwarf 2 w/ BlunderbussSpacer3k.jpgUnderworld Dwarf w/ Axe & ShieldSpacer3k.jpg

FF.BD021a.jpg FF.BD021b.jpg FF.BD022.jpg Spacer3k.jpg


Ranger 1 w/ Long RifleSpacer3k.jpgRanger 2 w/ Long RifleSpacer3k.jpgRanger w/ Pistol & TomahawkSpacer3k.jpg

BD031.jpg FF.Packaging-001.jpg Spacer3k.jpg


Darken Dwarf w/ FlailSpacer3k.jpgPackagingSpacer3k.jpg

Ral Partha figures
Resin versions (made under license) for Ral Partha Enterprises Inc