Gallo Pewter Sculptures

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Trade items


Gallo.Dwarf-25mm.1.jpg Gallo.Dwarf-25mm.2.jpg

Dwarf w/ Axe & Shield: 30mm
Pewter finish Spacer3m.jpg Bronze finish

Gallo.Dwarf-03.jpg Gallo.Dwarf-04.jpg

Dwarf w/ Axe & Spear 48mm Spacer3k.jpgDwarf w/ Spear, Hammer & Shield 48mmSpacer3k.jpgSpacer3k.jpg

Gallo.Dwarf-02.jpg Gallo.Dwarf-01.jpg

Dwarf w/ Axe & Shield 48mm Spacer3k.jpgDwarf w/ Axe & Shield 45mm

Gallo.Dwarf-05.jpg Gallo.Dwarf-06.jpg

Dwarf w/ Axe & Sword 48mm Spacer3k.jpgDwarf w/ Mace 48mmSpacer3k.jpg

Some marked 'Gallo Pewter (C) - 82m' on top of base


Dwarf Wizard 1985 - 85mm



Frodo Spacer3k.jpg Merry
Gallo.Hobbit-01.jpg Gallo.Hobbit-02.jpg

Pippin Spacer3k.jpg Sam
Gallo.Hobbit-03.jpg 800x800.jpg

3 of 4 Hobbits ?
(42-44mm overall)