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Available from... Magister Militum.com
Also see: Ratnik Miniatures and Velard Miniatures

Sculpted by Igor Karpov
Dwarven Gold Fever Kickstarter
plus additions

DGF-01: Keep Your Powder Dry

LA.K-DGF-1a.jpg LA.K-DGF-1b.jpg

DGF-02: Dwarven Gold

LA.K-DGF-2a.jpg LA.K-DGF-2b.jpg

DGF-03: A Light in the Dark

LA.K-DGF-3a.jpg LA.K-DGF-3b.jpg

DGF-04: Plucky Dwarfs

LA.K-DGF-4a.jpg LA.K-DGF-4b.jpg

DGF-05: Dungeon Slayers

LA.K-DGF-5a.jpg LA.K-DGF-5b.jpg

DGF-06: Rest Break

LA.K-DGF-6a.jpg LA.K-DGF-6b.jpg

DGF-07: Goblin Bearers

LA.K-DGF-7a.jpg LA.K-DGF-7b.jpg

DGF-08: Look Alive !

LA.K-DGF-8a.jpg LA.K-DGF-8b.jpg

DGF-09: Catacomb Raiders

LA.K-DGF-9a.jpg LA.K-DGF-9b.jpg

DGF-10: Dwarfs on the Road

LA.K-DGF-10a.jpg LA.K-DGF-10b.jpg

DGF-11: A Whisper in the Shadows

LA.K-DGF-11a.jpg LA.K-DGF-11b.jpg

DGF-12: Lorekeeper and Novice

LA.K-DGF-12a.jpg LA.K-DGF-12b.jpg

DGF-13: Prospectress and Torch Bearer

LA.K-DGF-13a.jpg LA.K-DGF-13b.jpg

DGF-14: Dwarven Scenery

LA.K-DGF-14a.jpg LA.K-DGF-14b.jpg

DGF-15: Dwarven Treasure
(6 pcs)


DGF-16: Dwarven Candelabras
4 pcs, (2 pair)


DGF-17: Pathfinder


DGF-18: Dwarf King's Tomb
(2 pc Resin)


LA.K-DGF-18b.jpg LA.K-KingsTomb-18c.jpg

DWA-01: In the forgotten libraries

Ratnik-CIV02.jpg Ratnik-CIV01.jpg

DWA-02: Dragons Treasure

LA.K-DWA-2a.jpg LA.K-DWA-2b.jpg

DWA-03: Raiders of the Dragon's Egg

LA.K-DWA-3a.jpg LA.K-DWA-3.jpg LA.K-DWA-3b.jpg

DWA-04: Dwarf Rat Blues

LA.K-DWA-4a.jpg LA.K-DWA-4b2.jpg LA.K-DWA-4b1.jpg
The Rat catcher's sack (2 pc figures) has been resculptured,
the sack is reduced to half size.

DWA-05: Picnic in the Dungeon

LA.K-DWA-5a.jpg LA.K-DWA-5b.jpg

DWA-06 Dangerous Maidens

LA.K-DWA-6a.jpg LA.K-DWA6b.jpg

DWA-07: Mine Explorers

LA.K-DWA-7a.jpg LA.K-DWA-7b.jpg

DWA-08: Forge Keepers
Commander of the Forge & his Musician

Ratnik-DDA02.jpg Ratnik-DDA01.jpg

DWA-09: Mountain Guard
Commander of the Mountain Guard & his Musician.

LA.K-DWA-9a.jpg LA.K-DWA-09b.jpg

DWA-10 Gate Crushers

LA.K-DWA-10a.jpg LA.K-DWA-10b.jpg

DWA-11 Fury of the Norse Clans

LA.K-DWA-11a.jpg LA.K-DWA-11b.jpg

DWA-12: Attack of the Clansmen
w/ Shields

LA.K-DWA-12a.jpg LA.K-DWA-12b.jpg


LA.K-DWA-12c.jpg LA.K-DWA-12d.jpg

DWA-13: 'Fargrim Dragonaxe'
The King of the Grey Mountains


DWA-14: 'Sandulf Moonbeam' Spacer3m.jpg DWA-15: 'Thorak Eisheim'
Spacer3m.jpgThe Priest Spacer3m.jpg The Dwarf Mage

LA.K-DWA-14.jpg Spacer3m.jpg Ratnik-DDA06A.jpg

DWA-16: Grim Barmaids

Ratnik-DW01a.jpg Ratnik-DW01b.jpg

DWA-17: 'Dunhilda Moondigger' Spacer3m.jpg DWA-18: 'Menni Morafind'
Prioress Spacer3m.jpg Horn Blower

LA.K-DWA-17.jpg. Spacer3m.jpg LA.K-DWA-18.jpg

DWA-19: Magda 'Fierce Braid' Stoneberyl


DWA-20: Gwynes Coalcharm
Crossbow Champion


DWA-21: Goblin Hunters

LA.K-DWA-21a.jpg LA.K-DWA-21b.jpg

DWA-22: Intrepid Adventurers

LA.K-DWA-22a.jpg LA.K-DWA-22b.jpg

DWA-23: Axe Raiders

LA.K-DWA-23a.jpg LA.K-DWA-23b.jpg

DWA-24: Tunnel Guards

Ratnik-DDA07a.jpg Ratnik-DDA07b.jpg

DWA-25: Stalwart Heroes

LA.K-DWA-25a.jpg LA.K-DWA-25b.jpg

DWA-26: Boghin Eisenbrei
Dwarf Champion