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Some available from Tin Soldier


Sculpted by John McEwan

(Masterpiece 508): Dwarv Characters


S-500 Dungeon Adventurers

The packs in this series, contained five figures w/ weapons and shields,
from which the gamer could choose.


Dwarf Fighter

Dwarv miniatures (re

Some of these figures have been re-designated from previous sets

Masterpiece-508B.jpg Spacer3m.jpgMcE-Dwarv Hairless.jpg Spacer3m.jpg Masterpiece-508a.jpg

Dwarv Wizard Spacer3m.jpg Dwarv Hairless Spacer3m.jpg Dwarv Paladin

McE-Dwarv-Sitepics.jpg Spacer3m.jpg McE-Dwarv-Maiden.jpg

Spacer3m.jpgDwarv Site Pics Spacer3m.jpg Dwarv Maiden

McE-Dwarv-Cook.jpg Masterpiece-217.jpg McE-Dwarv-Porter.jpg

Dwarv Cook Spacer3m.jpg Dwarv w/ Cloak Spacer3m.jpg Dwarv Porter


Modern Dwarf Role-Playing Set

Call of Cthulhu
Shadrack Nicaros the dwarf
An International spy, who used "Silencio", a Circus Clown as his cover

Sitting position, can also be a vehicle passenger

Shadrack, was a silent clown because he had a rather strong accent when speaking English.
Oddly enough, the thought of people laughing at him because of his accent embarrassed him.
Despite this strange quirk, he loved performing as a clown. He was a skilled acrobat and contortionist.
In the game “Call of Cthulhu” his specialty was stealth operations.
He carried a custom made, silenced .22 caliber revolver and utilized several different “gihillie suits”.
One of which was an urban design which enabled him to pass as a pile of garbage.
Spacer3m.jpg Spacer3m.jpg ........ John McEwan.........