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Available from Miniatures Workshop

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Sculpted by Martin Baker
Kindly Donated by Miniatures Workshop

w/ Pick & Spiked Shield Spacer4.jpg w/ Axe Spacer4.jpg w/ Hammer & Shield Spacer4.jpg w/ CrossbowSpacer4.jpg
MWorkshop-0050-101.Pick.jpg MWorkshop-0050-102.Axe.jpg MWorkshop-0050-103.Hammer.jpg MWorkshop-0050-101.Xbow.jpg

DF-001 Spacer4.jpg DF-002 Spacer4.jpg DF-003 Spacer4.jpg DF-004

Fire Dwarf

MWorkshop-Fire.0020-101.jpg MWorkshop-Fire.0020-101.Baggie.jpg