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Previously located at 190 Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, Grt. Manchester. (later of 20, Platting Road, Lydgate, Oldham OL4 4DL)
If anyone has any information of this manufacturer, or his products.
please contact: - any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Inherited from Mythic Miniatures by Lancashire Games, then sold to East Riding Miniatures where these and others, are available today.



'Fantasy Figures'
Dwarf Spearmen

ERM.FD10b.jpg ERM.FD10e.jpg

ERM.FD10d.jpg ERM.FD10c.jpg ERM.FD10f.jpg

MD2 Spacer3m.jpg MD3 Spacer3m.jpg MD4
Dwarf Axeman Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf w/ Polearm Spacer3m.jpg Dwarf Fanatic

800x800.jpg ERM.FD12.jpg 800x800.jpg

Spacer3m.jpg MD5 Spacer3m.jpg MD6 Spacer3m.jpg MD7 Spacer3m.jpg MD8
Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf w/ Xbow advancing Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf Halberdier Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf w/ Xbow standing Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf Knight w/ War Hammer

ERM.FD6.jpg ERM.FD13.jpg ERM.FD5.jpg ERM.FD7.jpg

Spacer3m.jpg MD10 Spacer3m.jpg MD11 Spacer3m.jpg MD12 Spacer3m.jpg MD13
Spacer3k.jpgArmoured Dwarf Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf Militia w/ Axe Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf Militia w/ Polearm Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf charging w/ Axe shielded

800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg

Dwarf Land Yacht

ERM.FD16b.jpg ERM.FD16a.jpg ERM.FD16c.jpg

MD14 Spacer3m.jpg MD16

Dwarf charging w/ Axe Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf w/ 2 handed Axe

800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg

Mythic-Packaging-F.jpg Mythic-Packaging-Title.jpg Mythic-Packaging-R.jpg