Over The Wire

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Available from Warrior Miniatures
Trade items


OtW-Rules-01.jpg OtW-Rules-02.jpg


Halfling Swordsmen x 15 Spacer3m.jpg Halfling Bowmen x 15
OTW.Swordsmen.jpg Spacer3m.jpg OTW.Bowmen.jpg

Halfling Musketeers x 15 Spacer3m.jpg Halfling Spearmen x 15
OTW.Musketeers.jpg Spacer3m.jpg OTW.Spearmen.jpg
Dwarf Cannon and crew x 4
OTW.Crew 1&2.jpg OTW.Cannon.jpg OTW.Crew 2.jpg

Undead Dragons x 4 Spacer3m.jpg Dragons x 8 Spacer3m.jpg
OTW.Dragon 1.jpg OTW.Dragon 2.jpg

Included free.........Halfling Mushroom Hamlet