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Sculpted for SKT: by Barry Minot

The Armoury  ·  PD078: Dwarf Adventurers  ·  PD079: Dwarf Warriors  ·  PD080: Dwarf Magic Users
 ·   ·   ·  PD081: Dwarf King  ·   ·  ·  · Promotional Dwarf  ·   ·   ·   

The Armoury

Pendragon-PD033.jpg Pendragon-PD034.jpg Pendragon-PD035.jpg Spacer3k.jpg
"Gunmoil"Spacer4.jpgDwarf Armour StandSpacer4.jpg"Cobnir"Spacer4.jpg
Spacer4.jpgThe Dwarf-ArmourerSpacer4.jpgArms and ArmourSpacer4.jpgDwarven Decorator Of ArmsSpacer4.jpg

PD033-sprue.jpg Spacer4.jpg 160px
PD033 Dwarf Armourers sprue Spacer4.jpg PD034 Dwarf Armour Stand sprue

PD078: Dwarf Adventurer Pack

PD079: Dwarf Warrior Pack

(Set comes with Shields, Swords, & Axes, interchangeable)

PD080: Dwarf Magic Users Pack

PD081: Dwarf King Pack

Promotional Giveaway Dwarf

Promotional Giveaway Dwarf.jpg Pendragon-Giveaway.jpg
Thanks to the Blue Mule for this information