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Confrontation BNIB available

Examples of these items, can be seen here......


Alchemists of Dirz:
Centurus Clone 1

Khaurik's Musician
Morzath the Infernal

Devourers of Vile-Tis:
Huntsman of Vile-Tis

Dwarfs of Tir-Na-Bor:
Boor on Razorback 1
Boor on Razorback 2
Boor on Razorback 3
Boors with Axe
Boors with Hammer
Dwarf with Crossbow
Forge Guardian
Thermo Warriors
Thermo Warriors of Uren
Khor Knights of Uren (box set - unsealed)
Pilgrim the One-Eyed
Pilzenbhir, Defender of the Plains 1
Soldiers of the Plains (box set)
War-Staff of the Plains (box set)

Dwarfs of Mid-Nor:
Collector of Mid-Nor 2
Reapers of Mid-Nor 2
Warriors of Mid-Nor

Elfs - Cynwall:

Goblins of No-Dan-Kar:
Strohm Warriors with Guisarme
Strohm Warriors with Halberds

Elemental of Earth

Kelt - Sessairs
Kyran the Hunter
Minotaur of the Plains
War-Staff of Avagddu (box set)

Age of Ragnarok: Abel - Ltd Edition