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Available from Shortwars

Created by Jason Lye

Dwarven Bounty Hunter
Sculpted by Bob Olley


Dwarven Champion Spacer3m.jpg Dwarven Champion

Conquistadwarves Captain Spacer3m.jpg Armoured Dwarves Captain
Sculpted by Bob Olley

Shortwars-ConquistaCaptain.jpgSpacer3m.jpg Shortwars-ArmouredCaptain.jpg

Conquistadwarves Greatswords
Sculpted by Alessio Cisbani

ShortwarsConquistadwarf-01.jpg ShortwarsConquistadwarf-02.jpg

ShortwarsConquistadwarf-03.jpg ShortwarsConquistadwarf-04.jpg

Armoured Dwarves
Sculpted by Alessio Cisbani

ShortwarsArmouredDwarf-01.jpg ShortwarsArmouredDwarf-02.jpg

ShortwarsArmouredDwarf-03.jpg ShortwarsArmouredDwarf-04.jpg

"Nick Turnip" - Halfling Bandit


Dwarf Mage/Shaman (Multi-part - 8 accessories)
w/ Staff n eagle or orb, Hands w/ fire, toad, or pipe, Spell books for either hand
Sculpted by Alessio Cisbani

Shortwars-Mage.v1.jpg Shortwars-Mage.v2.jpg

New Upcoming Range
(Work in Progress)