Star Hat Miniatures

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Available from Darcy at Star Hat Miniatures

Sculpted by Darcy Perry

StarHatMinis-Borin-F.jpg StarHatMinis-Borin-R.jpg

Spacer3k.jpgChomsky Spacer3k.jpg Tenkar Calishun Spacer3k.jpg Lotho Lightfoot
StarHatMinis-Chomsky-F.jpg StarHatMinis-Tenkar-F.jpg StarHatMinis-Lotho-F.jpg

StarHatMinis-Chomsky-R.jpg StarHatMinis-Tenkar-R.jpg StarHatMinis-Lotho-R.jpg

Carsten the Hammer
Sculpted by Geoff Holland

StarHatMinis-Carsten-F.jpg Spacer3k.jpg StarHatMinis-Carsten-R.jpg

Duck Hunters
Sculpted by Darcy Perry
Shyllip Duckbaneson Spacer3k.jpg Fileaxe Duckbaneson
StarHatMinis-Shyllip.jpg Spacer3k.jpg StarHatMinis-Filaxe.jpg