Superior - 90mm Collector's Series

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Sculpted by 'Ray Lamb'

Kindly donated by 'The Dozing Dragon'

Spacer3m.jpg FA11 Bill Spacer3m.jpg FA-12 Gollum Spacer3m.jpg FA-13 Thorin

800x800.jpg Superior-FA12.jpg Superior-FA13.jpg

Spacer3m.jpg FA15 Frodo Spacer3m.jpg FA-16 Sam Spacer3m.jpg FA20 Bill, Large Hob
800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg

Spacer3m.jpg FA23a Gnome boy Spacer3m.jpg FA27 Babies in Cradle Spacer3m.jpgFA-23b Gnome Girl
180px 180px 180px

Spacer3m.jpgFA-26 Lapland GnomeSpacer3m.jpg FA-22 Lady Gnome Spacer3m.jpg FA-21 Standing Gnome
180px Superior-FA22.jpg 180px

FA-28 Sitting Gnome Spacer3m.jpg FA-38 Leprechaun Spacer3m.jpg FA-47 ShawnSpacer3m.jpg
Spacer3m.jpg Spacer3m.jpg Patti O'Brien Spacer3m.jpgThe Leprechaun

Superior-FA28.jpg 190px Superior-FA47.jpg