The Russian Alternative

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Available from The Russian Alternative

Russian Alternative-Icon-01.jpg

Dwarf Command Group of Fire Canyon
Rozenberg Rozmax Maxim


RussianAlternative-FCCommand-Musician-1.jpg RussianAlternative-FCCommand-Champion.jpg RussianAlternative-FCCommand-Musician-2.jpg

The Dwarf Hero
Kirill Kanaev (Yellow one)

RussianAlternative-Hero1a.jpg RussianAlternative-Hero1b.jpg

The Dwarf of Fire Canyon
Rozenberg Rozmax Maxim


The Dwarves Unit of Fire Canyon
(Heads, Weapons & Shields mostly interchangeable)
Rozenberg Rozmax Maxim

Russ-Alt-Unit-01.jpg Russ-Alt-Unit-02.jpg Russ-Alt-Unit-03.jpg

Russ-Alt-Unit-04.jpg Russ-Alt-Unit-05.jpg Russ-Alt-Unit-06.jpg Russ-Alt-Unit-07.jpg

Russ-Alt-Unit-08.jpg Russ-Alt-Unit-09.jpg Russ-Alt-Unit-10.jpg