Titan Wargames

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Available from Titan Wargames

Sculpted by John Blake

Titan-Baggronor.jpg Titan-GrulkaBlackhand.jpg Titan-MarrogBlackhand.jpg

Baggronor the Mighty Spacer4.jpg Grulka Blackhand Spacer4.jpg Marrog Blackhand
Spacer4.jpgDwarf OverlordSpacer4.jpgDwarf Lady w/ BlunderbussSpacer4.jpgDwarf Overlord w/ Pistol

Titan-Cinneron.jpg Titan-Hazzad.jpg

Spacer3k.jpgCinneron Dhum Spacer3k.jpg Hazzad Flamebeard
Spacer3k.jpg Dwarven Pyromancers

Dwarven Heavy Infantry Command

Titan-Standard.jpg Titan-Drummer.jpg

Dwarven Heavy Infantry

Titan-HI-01.jpg Titan-HI-02.jpg Titan-HI-03.jpg Titan-HI-04.jpg
Dwarf Heavy Infantry 1 Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf Heavy Infantry 2 Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf Heavy Infantry 3 Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf Heavy Infantry 4