Unreleased Dwarves

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Johan Kølkjær

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Battle for Skull Pass - Unreleased Metal Dwarves

Citadel-Unreleased-Janissary.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-BrianNelson.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-Flasher.jpg Spacer3k.jpg

Janissary Dwarf Spacer3k.jpg Brian Nelson Dwarf Spacer3k.jpg Flasher Dwarf Spacer3k.jpg

The Life of Brian Nelson

Citadel-Unreleased-ShaneHoyle.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-ShaneHoyleGreen.jpg Spacer3k.jpg

Spacer3k.jpgShane Hoyle Dwarf Spacer3k.jpg Shane Hoyle Dwarf - Green Spacer3k.jpg

Citadel-Unreleased-DwarfStdBearer.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-CavalryDwarf.jpg

Standard Bearer Spacer3k.jpg Cavalry DwarfSpacer3k.jpg

Citadel-Unreleased-ChaosDwarf.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-AxeWarrior.jpg

Chaos Dwarf Spacer3k.jpg Warrior w/ Axe

Citadel-Unreleased-AxeWarrior2.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-AxeWarrior2-Green.jpg Spacer3k.jpg

Spacer3k.jpgWarrior w/ Axe 2 Spacer3k.jpg Warrior w/ Axe 2 - Green Spacer3k.jpg
(Newly cast from the green, using a different axe-head)

Citadel-Unreleased-AxeWarrior3.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-AxeWarrior4.jpg

Warrior w/ Axe 3 Spacer3k.jpg Warrior w/ Axe 4

Citadel-Unreleased-Slayer1.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-Slayer2.jpg
Slayer 1 Spacer3k.jpg Slayer 2

Citadel-Unreleased-JollyJapeDwarf.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-AdvHalflingPimp-1.jpg
Jolly Jape Dwarf Spacer3k.jpg Halfling Pimp

Citadel-Unreleased-Heroquest1.jpg Citadel-Unreleased-AdvHeroquest-1.jpg

Spacer3k.jpgPrototype Heroquest Dwarf Spacer3k.jpgAdvanced Heroquest Dwarf Spacer3k.jpg

See: May 2014 and August 2014 Thanks Steve

Squat Green
Variant of Squat Warrior 4201-14
Michael Perry
Contributed by Robert Hooper

Dwarf Troll-slayer
Unreleased Resin Master

Unreleased 2nd Edition Squats

2nd Edtn Exo Armour.jpg
40K Unreleased: 2nd Edition Squat Exo Armour

Unreleased Chronicle Chaos Cannon

Sculpted by Nick Lund