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'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'

John Dennett
Though it is not mentioned anywhere on the box or literature, this set was produced in the USA by Grenadier Models around 1980 if not before. During the years 1982-86 I was employed as an in-house sculptor at that company which is how I know for certain the history of this set of licensed Disney collectibles.Spacer3m.jpg

Complete Art Craft Kit
Kindly donated by 'The Dozing Dragon'

WD-SnowWhitePaintGuide.jpg WD-SnowWhiteBox.jpg WD-SnowWhiteContents.jpg
Painting Guide Spacer3m.jpg Box Cover Spacer3m.jpg Contents Spacer3m.jpg

WD-Sneezy.jpg WD-Bashful.jpg WD-Doc.jpg
Sneezy Spacer3m.jpg Bashful Spacer3m.jpg Doc


WD-Sleepy.jpg WD-Happy.jpg.jpg WD-Grumpy.jpg
Sleepy Spacer3m.jpg Happy Spacer3m.jpg Grumpy

WD-Snow White.jpg WD-Prince.jpg WD-Witch.jpg
Spacer3m.jpg Snow White Spacer3m.jpg The Prince Spacer3m.jpgThe WitchSpacer3m.jpg

Diamond Cart (2 pcs)