Warband Fantasy

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WA Enterprises

Warband Fantasy
Intrepid Adventurers 28mm

Sculpted by Bill Addley 1982



Dwarf w/ Hammer

FA17 Spacer4.jpg FA18
Warband-FA17-Sword.jpg Warband-FA18-Javelin.jpg
Halfling w/ Sword and Shield Spacer4.jpg Halfling w/ Javelin and Shield

FA19 Spacer4.jpg FA20
Warband-FA19-Bow.jpg Warband-FA20-Thief.jpg
Spacer4.jpg Halfling w/ Bow Spacer4.jpg Halfling Thief Spacer4.jpg

Warband-FA-Warrior.jpg Warband-FA25-FemWarrior.jpg
Spacer4.jpgDwarf Warrior ?Spacer4.jpgFemale Human Warrior w/ Spear
Spacer4.jpgSpacer4.jpg(Wife of Dwarf w/ Hammer)

Warband-FA18-Javelin-Shield1.jpg Warband-FA18-Javelin-Shield2.jpg
Javelin Shield variations