Citadel - Regiments of Renown

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RR1: Bugmans Dwarf Rangers (1st Edition)

RRD1: Bugmans Dwarf Rangers

RRD6: Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarves
The Dragon Company

Long Drong's Slayer Pirates

Standard Bearer

Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks
(with 7 mixed Archers)

1998 Lumpin Croop 1.jpgSpacer4.jpg1998 Lumpin Croop 2.jpg Spacer4.jpg 1998 Lumpin Croop 3.jpg

1998 Lumpin Croop 7.jpg. Cit-LumpingCroopBox.jpg

1998 Lumpin Croop 4.jpgSpacer4.jpg1998 Lumpin Croop 5.jpg Spacer4.jpg 1998 Lumpin Croop 6.jpg