Generals, Characters & Officers

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The World of Valon
Generals, Officers & Characters

54050: Valon Civilians Set

Spacer4.jpgDwarf Lumberjack Spacer4.jpgGnome wearing Glasses
Have been assured that it was Spacer4.jpg Spacer4.jpg
sculpted w/ a flat face. Spacer4.jpg Spacer4.jpg
Christian Cuello

55516: The Undead of the Witchlands

Spacer3k.jpgCount Von Vareidorp Spacer3k.jpgSpacer3k.jpgSmallenovSpacer3k.jpg
Spacer3k.jpgVampyre Dwarf with sword Spacer3k.jpg Dwarf Liche of the KGB with BookSpacer3k.jpg


59001-B: Otto Von Stumperstein

Dwarf Infantry Sergeant with Musket

59004: The Architect of Aggression