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Available from Oakbound Miniatures


Kickstarter: 28mm Celtic roleplay miniatures 2014
"Folk from the Oakbound Woods"

Gnomes, Minefolk
w/ Wooden Hexagonal Bases

Oakbound-Gnome-1.jpg Oakbound-Gnome-2.jpg Oakbound-Gnome-3.jpg

Engineer Spacer3m.jpg Explorer Spacer3m.jpg Miner
Sculpted by Geoff Solomon-Sims



800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg
Spacer3m.jpgJietna Guild Dutki Spacer3m.jpg Bahkka Guild Dutki
Sculpted by Alessio Cisbani

800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg
Jietna HornSounders
Sculpted by Geoff Solomon-Sims

800x800.jpg 800x800.jpg
Spacer3m.jpg Baitit Guild Dutki Spacer3m.jpgPech Brewer, Hill Gnome
Spacer3m.jpgAlessio Cisbani Spacer3m.jpg Geoff Solomon-Sims