Prototype Norse Dwarves & Limited Editions

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Prototype Norse Dwarves - Limited Editions

(some have been re-issued)

Spacer3k.jpgPainted by Steve Dean

BRND001-01.jpg BRND001-03.jpg BRND001-04.jpg
Mark Sims Spacer3k.jpg Mark Sims Spacer3k.jpg

BRND001-10.jpg FM-Trade-3A.jpg Foundry-VIN28-Gumbjorn.jpg
VIN21 Spacer3k.jpg VIN29 Spacer3k.jpg VIN28
Spacer3m.jpgKaslon the 1st Dwarf Father. LE Spacer3k.jpg Lunge & Tiny. LE Spacer3k.jpg Gunbjorn of the Nightwatch.LESpacer3k.jpg
Spacer3m.jpg Spacer3m.jpg Spacer3m.jpg Spacer3m.jpg
Mike Owen

Foundry-VIN28-Blister.jpg Foundry-VIN21-Blister.jpg Foundry-Proto-Blister.jpg